What use is a beautiful frame without the right lenses? Our licensed optician, Lynn Via, will guide you through the various lens options: materials, types, tints, and anti-reflective.

Single Vision

Digitally ground single-vision lenses provide the sharpest vision. Essilor Eyezen and Shamir SV Autograph III are available with clear, anti-reflective lenses. For polarized sunglasses, we carry Xperio lenses.

Progressive Lenses

We offer the Varilux family of lenses and Shamir Autograph III as our premium progressive lenses, providing great vision near and far. Also available as clear RX and Xperio polarized sunglass lenses.

Note: All premium lenses carry a two-year warranty.

Eyewear that just fits.

Unless you have an identical twin, no one looks exactly like you. And no two faces have the same characteristics. That’s why we take care to ensure a perfect fit on your nose bridge and around your ears—the classic pain points (literally) of eyewear. Does a plastic frame fit you better than a metal one? Do you wear your sunglasses on your head when not using them? These are just two factors that determine your best fit and comfort. It’s absolutely essential that your glasses fit perfectly for both comfort and optimal vision. And that’s exactly what you get at the Optical Shop.